Concert organist Gunnar Idenstam

Winner of the
'Grand Prix de Chartres in improvisation'


Individuality is the word you can append on the Swede Gunnar Idenstam, who«s organ improvisations occupy their own universe - part hard apocalyptic progressive rock, part elfin folklore, part nave shaking French symphony. Idenstam«s touch of the organ is as funky as it is majestic."

Gramophone, December 2018

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Upcoming major concerts:

January-May composing and rehearsing the Metal Angel I and II project

May 3 Inauguration recital of the new Klais organ in Malmoe S:t Petri church, Sweden

September 29, Inauguration of the new organ in Auditorium du Centre de Congres, Angers, France

August 19 Solo recital in Balboa Park, San Diego, USA

Listen to Ravel La valse (The End) from the Debussy / Ravel CD!