Solo recitals

At the organ of S:t Eustache Cathedral, Paris
Photo: Anders Neglin

Mixed programs with various composers, depending on the type of organ at hand.

On Baroque organs I prefer to play my arrangements of dances from the Terpschicore collection by Michael Praetorius and I also often include some Swedish folk music. Some of these dance tunes use similar idioms found in Baroque music, and many of them are from the same period of time as Bach, whose works I certainly also include. Some dance movements by the French master Jean-Baptiste Lully are often included, as well as free improvisations from my next CD project, Peaceful Organ. Music for meditation and contemplation in a turbulent time.

On large modern organs I usually prefer to perform a major Bach work which leads into my transcriptions of orchestral works, for example a suite from Carl Orff ́s Carmina burana, works by Debussy (La mer) and Ravel (La valse, Bolero etc.) Sometimes I also include some of my favourite works by Marcel Dupré. For the finale I often play a suite from my latest solo CD, Metal Angel. This is virtuosic music in the French tradition married to harmonies and rhythms from the world of symphonic rock and metal.

Gunnar Idenstam