Reviews - Midsummer Night's Mass

Gunnar Idenstam and Anders Paulsson
Photo: Adam de Bassac

"The organist Gunnar Idenstam and soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson are two very qualified musicians here performing swedish Folk music in their own, very personal way. The combination of the huge Church organ and the tiny saxophone here becomes a synthesis of Art music, Pop, and nordic Folk music traditions. The organ sort of painting a landscape, beautiful but sometimes also very dark, the sax floating over it, partly like a colourful bird, partly like a dark cloud. It is painfully beautiful. Small and big devils in the shadows and we are aware of that Music is a power, that can´t be restrained."
Smålänningen, 2000

"They should be nominated Riksspelmän on Church organ and soprano saxophone. Idenstam exploring the organ like some Hendrix: playing notes that becomes melodies and sounds that becomes atmospheres. Paulsson´s tones are flying thru the room like white doves."
Göteborgsposten, 2000

"Despite the fact that it all descends from the "tradition" the music is "new" because of Idenstam and Paulssons openminded playing. Here are different traditions unified in a convincing way. Meditative but not making sleepy!"
Skaraborgs allehanda, 2000