Reviews - Northern Dances

Photo: Elias Gammelgård

"The conjunction of brass instrument and orchestra is historically common...that of nyckelharpa and organ is neither expected nor common. Special questions of balance must apply, and, given the well-known difficulties of recording organ works, the combination of organ with a rather delicate solo stringed instrument must have created special challenges, here splendidly met. The programme is varied in tone in feeling and origin. Even if, at first sight of the titles, there appears to be a preponderance of Polskas, this Swedish folk dance form has many variations. Normally performed by couples, and in 3/4 time, it is open to considerable variation, as in the Ockelbogubbarnas favorit Polska with its baroque touches and general stateliness. Storhuven, another Polska, by contrast, is swift and lively."

Music Web International 2019