Metal Angel

A CD for sound freaks, fans of metal, organ nerds and classical music lovers. Cool new organ music by Gunnar Idenstam recorded on the magnificent organ in Monaco Cathedral built by Dominique Thomas. 18 microphones were used for the recording by Tonmeister Hans Kipfer. Introduction - Waiting for - Toccata V - Metal Angel - Gothic Garden - Black Angel - Golden Angel - Archangel - Saga III Epiloge are some of the titles.

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"The rumbling deep bass of the Introduction, the insistent, merciless knockout rhythms, the fragmentized melodic material and a magisterial accumulation of power is overwhelming. The hard rock of the 1970´s was never my cup of tea but here, when it has been ennobled by the queen of instruments, I was totally engrossed."

Music Web International 2020

Photo AnnaReet Gillblad