Cathedral Music

Cathedral Music
15 pieces for solo organ by Gunnar Idenstam
Released in 2002

"May I welcome you to my world of sounds - a world that is mystical, forceful, spiritual, playful, lightness and dark, brilliance and triumphant, festive joy... Cathedral music is a suite of pieces for organ most of which I wrote in 1995-96. I was schooled in the French tradition of organ music but as a musician I have always also loved pop music and symphonic rock. I see my own music as a felicitous amalgamation of these styles that represents something not previously attempted in organ music.

I combine the extreme virtuosity (staccato octaves for both hands and feet, rapidly repeated notes and chords) as well as the form, structure and timbres of the French tradition of organ music with the harmonies and energy of the more symphonically oriented rock music. But I also find myself fascinated by certain elements of New Age, of Gregorian chant and of how in pop music a bass player constructs his bass runs.

The pulse of rock music is something that also readily "marries" with Baroque reminiscences. The influences, as you can see, come from all sorts of directions but each note is born in the depths of my heart..."

Fanfare II

Scherzo I'

Toccata I