Concert organist Gunnar Idenstam

Winner of the
'Grand Prix de Chartres in improvisation'


Welcome to my website and to my organ world! Here I focus at the point where different genres meet. My own music is firmly grounded in the French tradition but it also reaches out in the directions of both folk music and symphonic rock music.

In my transcriptions of large orchestral works, as well as when I play Swedish folk music, I want to transform the organ beyond its limitations. I try to make it sound like a Baroque orchestra, folkish flutes or a majestic symphony orchestra with the brass section in the middle!

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Upcoming concerts:

November Composing and rehearsing Metal Angel recording

December 22 Folkjul /A swedish Folk Christmas in S:t Jacobs Church, Stockholm. All Idenstam arrangements

26 Annual Christmas Concert in S:t Jacobs Church, Stockholm. Improvisations

Listen to Ravel La valse (The End) from the Debussy / Ravel CD!